Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Exciting Weekend

I went to see 'Sex and the City' twice this weekend. Obviously, I enjoyed watching it. Not my life or my style, but it was fun to see 'the girls', the life style, and the fashions. I am just trying to imagine (above) in what world would I every consider wearing my pajamas (with pearls) and a full length fur coat. First, it would be faux fur. With hot flashes, real fur will never be necessary unless I am visiting the South Pole. I'm not sure I could pull off the 24 inch pearls while I'm sleeping, either. I would strangle me or Bill depending on who was the most restless that night. Aren't they nubby, also? Maybe if Bill wore them down his back he wouldn't snore--you know, like they recommend sewing a tennis ball in the back of the snorer.

The story for the movie was well written. I don't understand how Steve continues to put up with Miranda. What a whiner! She is the only one of the girls with an eight to five job and she doesn't cope well. She must need the power job to support her 'girlfriend' habit; but, if she would just accept her life in Brooklyn with her nanny and small business husband, I am sure she could find true happiness. Just see 'the girls' quarterly and then accept her life. Everyone I know has had to make these choices without a nanny, a few more children, and a hourly paying job.

For the most part all of these women 'married up' or found someone to support their life style (Samantha doesn't count.) They are still jealous of others and can't buy enough to stay ahead. I did see several items worn more than once. Those ugly shoes that Carrie wore when they 'found the light in Manhattan'. What are they all about? The only thing that comes to mind is she is getting older and it's more risky to stand/walk in an unsupported pair of shoes. She also wore the black belt that looked like a studded dog collar at least 3 times maybe 4. Little did I suspect that it could go with everything. Why skimp on a belt when you can afford $500.00 shoes? Then there are the pearls. Just an observation, they don't always go with everything.

All in all, I did enjoy watching their lives and feeling their sorrow with a happy ending. It is the end of an era. But, wait until they reach their sixties. It still won't be my life, but they will be in ballerina flats and wearing stretchy pants wishing they had saved a little for the 5th Avenue Retirement Home where all of the girls can have wheelchair races and wear their St. John's couture with designer depends.

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