Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Front Door

I have spent the last two weekends trying to finish the front door. Who would have thought it would take so long? On TV they just rip it off and move to the next project. This is reality. Several people have pointed out to me that Texas summer is not optimum weather to do things outside. It was very close to being finished until today. Bill got up at 5:00 to go play golf and I had him make sure I was up when he left so I could get a jump on the heat. I was going to put the last seal on the door and remove the blue masking tape. Best laid plans of mice and men, I guess. In my daze condition, I picked up the stain can instead of the sealer. I have now stained, sealed, stained, and now I get to seal two more times. My weekends are not long enough!!!!Bill got to play golf today and he was satisfied with his play. It was the yearly NM tournament. They had approximately 144 golfers show up. It takes a long time to get all of the players in, but they have a great time and get booty for showing up. Next week, Bill will be playing a two day tournament with the Golf Channel DFW team. I think in the last 4 tournaments for the Golf Channel, I think Bill has gotten closest to the pin 3 times. He really likes winning that prize; but, I imagine the other guys wish he would cut it out!!!

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