Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Week That Was

This week was a tough week. We had a team lunch in Carrollton and I fell stepping off the curb and landed on my face. Today is Sunday (the pic is from today) and the incident happened last Wednesday. It has taken on various shades of purple. I told Bill this was an inexpensive method of testing eye shadows in tones I would not normally try. My glasses were not broken, but the frame was bent. I was able to get the frames fixed and I have an eye exam this week. I, also, have a bruise on my right instep. I guess that is where I made my first mistake and flatten out from there. My internist had X-rays made of my face and it appears nothing was broken. Just my foolish pride.
Bill tied for third place last week in the golf tournament. This week he is playing at Texas Star and he seemed to think today is a great day to hit the links. He has been doing pretty good this year. I hope the Pilates books and exercises are helping. He seems to be thinking more like a 'Champion' and playing his own game, so all is well!!

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