Sunday, April 6, 2008

We have evidence of spring finally being here. Bill and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon and Bill was able to snag a picture of the creek by our house. There was a professional photographer not far from this sight taking pictures of a barefoot family sitting on the boulders. It was a perfect day for a photo shoot. A slight chill in the air and no wind. Perfect for golf, but golf was for today.

Today's golf started out on the cool side and very windy. Bill was a little doubtful that the sun would come out; but lo and behold, the sun came out in it's glory and he got warm weather with a touch of wind. It's getting so that the wind here is just like in Okalahoma and is guaranteed to blow everyday.

Speaking of the weather, we had a huge hail shower this week in the early hours of the day. Bill got a wake up call from work that a job had gone down. He wasn't up 5 minutes, and the hail started. And, then the thunder. About that time, Bill decided to look at the hail and he set off the house alarm and by the time that was turned off, the city weather alerts started blasting. I just pulled the covers over my head and hoped that Bill was looking at the weather on the internet and he would pull me into the hall if there was a tornado touchdown near the house. You guessed it, Bill was too busy trying to fix the abend so he could get back to sleep and did not bother to dial into the weather channel. The hail was approximately the size of golf balls. We had the 'review' of the roof yesterday to see if there were any holes or shingles laying around the back yard. It appears we made it through in good condition this time. Duane's car was in the driveway and he got hail damage. When I talked to him last, he had not had an opportunity to look at the car in the daylight to see what damage was done.

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