Friday, April 18, 2008


Yes, spring is here and everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather. The pictures attached are of Carter and his mom, Sarah. Sarah and I work together. I am enjoying viewing the world through Carter's eyes. For the non-Texan audience, the wildflower patch Carter is sitting in are our wonderful bluebonnets. They have not been as abundant this year as in previous, but they are beautiful all the same.

Spring has sprung and we are ready for the slinky to recoil and take some of the extreme weather away. In our part of the country, we had hail the size of golf balls and thunder showers most of last evening. It was quite a light show. In the center of the country, there was an earthquake (just for a little extra fun so they wouldn't feel left out). Although, it is wonderful to see the crisp green in the trees and grass, the mole in the soil and the budding flowers along with mowing of the grasses has been stirred up the old sinuses. As you know, since I am allergic to everything that is green or grows---my world is a constant 72 degrees and I only view the world through my car window. Bill is so thoughtful to let me ride shotgun with him and enjoy the scenery.

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