Sunday, March 23, 2008

Today is Bill's birthday, he is 66 and kicking up a storm. We had a keen celebration Friday evening with the Reagan clan. All were in attendance and we did the double whammy with Eugene's birthday being on Saturday. Since the sixties are the new forties, we are going strong and wondering if the seventies are the new fifties or the new thirties. I think we can make it whatever we want it to be and I am leaning toward the latter every day.

Friday evening, just as the party was kicking off, we were notified that Suzanne Motes had died. It was davastating news. Suzanne was a wonderful, involved, leader married to Bill's nephew. Her time in our lives was short. She and Mark started to date around the time Bill and I did. We met her on Thanksgiving weekend when the rest of the Motes family met me and Suzanne for the first time. Such a short time ago. She was so young and not only has she left Mark, his family and her family she has left Ryan, only 12 months old. He will only hear stories and see pictures of his beautiful mother and learn how she to faught to stay with him for as long as she could. He will be the living celebration of her life and love. He will be thing that will help us comprehend her early death.

As the news of Suzanne started the evening, we continued by goint through the stacks of pictures from Dad's shed. Mostly there were laughs at the changes in fashion, hairdos, and cars; but, the memories of all of our lives were located in those stacks. Each sibling got a stack of pics to take with them and a promise from me to get more. I will be spreading the wealth. Of course, with Chris being the youngest--there are tons of pictures of him growing up. He will get a box of charming and faded pictures for his kids to enjoy when they get older. I will be scanning some of the older pictures later this afternoon to attach to my geneology program. Some of the pictures hold a similarity to some of my siblings. Wonder why?

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chris_t_reagan said...

Who would have thought the Reagan's would be in the blogosphere?! I love it.

Happy Birthday Bill!