Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Weekend is Over

We did several things this weekend. We got to view the fireworks at Las Colinas from the NM parking lot. It was like having our own personal Fourth of July celebration. It was very well done and you can see some of the pictures below. Bill played golf with a small group to celebrate Lary Hunter's 50th birthday. I am not sure they know who won, but they had a good time in the heat. After golf, we went to the Hunter's for burgers and birthday cookie. It was good and fell into the hungry stomachs like a well placed tetras block. On our way back home, we stopped to view the new sculpture dedicated to the pilots and flight attendants from 9-11. It was tough to read the names of all the flight personnel that didn't make it that day. They are no longer with their families and I am sure they are missed daily. The sculpter is set up on a compass and there is a plack there that reads:

As you pass this way, please pause to reflect

upon our heros to whom we pay our last respects

They loved their career and gave their best.

Now join those 'Heading West'

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