Saturday, May 21, 2011

An Open Leter to My Great-Niece Upon Her Graduation

Congratulations on graduating from high school. To date, this is the most important milestone in your life. You did it with the love and support of you family, their friends, teachers, and your friends. Tomorrow, you will start walking alone. Every step going forward will be yours to make. Everyone will be available to give advise; but, you get to make the final decision. My Mom always said 'Remember who you represent' every time we walked out the door. She taught us right from wrong and we knew every move we made revealed the way she had raised us.

In the coming years at college:

  • Remember where you came from

  • Take all morning classes so you can play in the afternoons

  • Learn as much as you possibly can

  • Challenge all you know to be true

  • Go to church

  • Like your roommate

  • Learn to share with all the other kids

  • You will need your beauty sleep

  • Own multiple umbrellas-one for your room and one for your car-backups for your room and your car

  • Be competitive; but a friend

  • Take care of your skin

  • All-nighters are only good for one night

  • Date all kinds of guys-Jocks,Geeks, Thin, Chubby, guys with glasses, guys without cars

  • Pray for guidance

  • Sing every day

  • Dance When you're happy/Dance when you are sad

  • Always dream of going home; but, be much more excited to return to your friends

  • Don't forget to sleep--no one was ever successful because they didn't get enough sleep

  • Don't be afraid to say 'Quite down, I'm studying.' (Try it just once.)

  • Look for boys that love their Moms

  • Don't just go home to do your wash

  • Gravitate to the people who accomplish things, they will be successful

  • Participate

  • Go visit your classmates homes and churches

  • Appreciate how other people do things

  • Have more girl friends than boy friends

  • Stay in awe of your teachers and professors

  • Take lots of pictures

  • Make your bed daily

  • Study hard, Play hard, Pray harder

  • When you are sick, take care of yourself-no one else will

  • Own a book bag that is identifies you so you can find it amidst the bags in the cafeteria

  • Walk when it's sunny, run when it's cold

  • Get your hands dirty/Work in the cafeteria or clean the dorm bathrooms

  • Wash your sheets at least once a month

  • Hang up your clothes

  • Don't freak out, there's always a way to solve a problem

  • Call home

  • Be On Time--you are are in control now

  • Listen to your brother

  • Give more than you take

  • Be there to grow

  • Keep fresh batteries in your flashlight

  • Assure your folks you are alright even when things seem out of control

  • Don't walk in the dark alone

  • Cry when it's time

  • Get out in four years so you can start a real job

  • Stay up with the big people but sleep like a baby

  • Be nice --these are the friends you will have for the rest of your life

  • Eat sensibly--sometimes ice cream and chocolate can be a meal

  • Miss home; but not too much

  • Establish your own persona---have your own glow

  • Love God

  • Enjoy every day--it only lasts a short time

........and Remember who you represent
Patsy and Uncle Billy

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